"> NC Whoodle Family Members

NC Whoodle Family Members


Ms. Paisley our Standard Poodle. She has a very rare blue coat and carries a phantom gene! We are excited to see the mixture of colors she will pass down to her Whoodle puppies! We just love this beautiful girl

Our Wheaten Girls- They love the snow!

While our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier’s come only in 'Wheaten' color, the Poodle addition allows for a great variation of colors which include of course the wheaten color, then black, silver, red, white, chocolate and the popular apricot and more. With more than three generations of Wheatens, our family is proud to now offer Whoodles. However we are a small family operation, we will continue to only raise hypoallergenic Wheatens and Whoodles.

mini poodle.jpg

Sir Buddey Boy! He is our Miniature Poodle! We love this little man!

NC Whoodle Family Members
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